About Us

About Us

According to recent trends, the salesforce economy is supposedly the biggest thing that this decade will see. According to the industry reports, the salesforce ecosystem will be able to generate more than 3.3 million new jobs around the globe by the end of 2020. Marvelous!! Right? There’s more to it. The salesforce and its ecosystem will generate $859 billion in new business revenues. This directly implies that massive employment opportunities will be created because of this boom that the salesforce economy is pumping into the industry. Therefore, the companies will need skilled and talented employees to not only survive in this rapidly changing industry but also to thrive by designing, delivering and producing world-class services that will drive such stellar revenues. It’d be safe to say that this is the correct time for taking steps to build a career in salesforce. If you are looking to build one, United Solutions is your calling. We are launching training modules in Salesforce Development and Administration for you to grab a larger chunk of this salesforce revolution.

It often happens that you face stagnation in your career and feel that there’s no going forward. But let us give you the relief of these new fields emerging in the industry that can promise you great leverage in your future endeavors.

Similarly, college students face quite a lot of dilemmas as to what to do next? Take or master’s degree or take a job or take a diploma! Students, rest assured we’ve got you covered at United Solutions. With the courses that we are offering, you can get specific education and make a career choice that gives you fruitful returns in the future. College degrees are very generic and they don’t really give deep insights about a particular subject even in the specialization modules. Thus, we at United Solutions strive to give you in-depth knowledge and practical applications so that you’re ready to work in the industry, the day you finish the course. Therefore, United solutions, powered by Kcloud technologies are envisioned to impart quality education and the necessary and needed skills to working professional and college students who are looking to build a strong footing in the field of salesforce and digital marketing.

Salesforce training will make you eligible to take up these jobs that are going to be created by this revolution. What is interesting is that since the salesforce ecosystem is going to create such massive jobs, the companies will hire people who have prior training and the candidate who does not need any formal training will obviously be chosen over complete freshers. The same is the case with digital marketing. In the last decade, if there is something that has grown tremendously, it is digital marketing. And it is envisioned to grow at a supremely double rate in this decade. Through Digital Marketing is the most popular student choice, what the industry lacks today is candidates with quality knowledge and hands-on experience. With the digital marketing course at United Solutions, you can be all ready to take on the industry with practical training and exemplary clarification of every single terminology of Digital Marketing.  All in all, these Salesforce Administration and Development and Digital Marketing certifications from United Solutions are your one-way ticket to a great kickstart to your careers.

United Solutions is envisioned with the drive to impart quality education and training to the aspiring candidates who wish to further enhance their career options and excel in their choice of field. Today, with the current profession trends bending largely towards sales and digital marketing, we have set up modules in a way that not only takes the candidates through it theoretically but also makes them well-versed with the application side of it. Hence courses at United Solutions are designed with a combination of scholarly insights and practical applications so that when you are done with the course, you are all set to work in the real world.

  • Deeply researched modules and High-quality subject matter
  • Application-based modules
  • Effective training sessions that make the candidate’s industry ready
  • Learn in-depth fields of the subject in just two to three months
  • Keep up with the trends in salesforce and digital marketing

Why Choose Us

We, at United Solutions, understand how important it is for you to build your career and standing in the industry. Hence, we can go out on a limb to say that if you train with the Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development and Digital Marketing course at United Solutions, your career will sky-rocket like the shooting star. With a plethora of courses available online and offline, it might get really time-consuming and cumbersome for you. Building a career in a new field can be challenging but it is equally rewarding if approached properly. Let United Solutions be your guiding force here and help you make this career journey an impactful one.

Below are a few reasons as to why you should train with United Solutions:

Deeply researched and scholarly subject matters on each chapter and subchapters so that you don’t miss out on even small details of the subjects. It was a different time when you were in college and you studied the overview of the subject and passed the examination. This is different because this is the real world. Here, you have to know even the tiniest details and that too with cent percent accuracy. Because in the real world, you can’t afford to lose your reputation and hamper your career growth with even a minute mistake. Hence what we offer with our Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development and Digital Marketing course at United Solutions is what will you give you knowledge about the in and out of the subjects. And we don’t just stop there, with our modules and curriculum we make sure that you learn the practical applications of it just as much as the theoretical side of it.

At United Solutions, we train the candidates with lessons that not just explain the concepts theoretically but also give you fair and deeper insights about its practical applications. This is done for a wide array of reasons. First of all, all these fields, be it Salesforce Administration or Salesforce Development or Digital Marketing are deeply dynamic fields. Hence it becomes more important for the candidates to know the practical applications of its concepts and what implications will it have in what scenarios. Because just knowing what is what will not help them solve the client’s need or a critical situation. Having said that, the second reason is that all these three fields namely Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development and Digital Marketing course are trending fields that are projected to generate millions of jobs in the near future. Given that, it is also obvious that a lot of aspirants are aspiring to fit into this industry. So, the pertinent question is: how will you stand out amongst this intense competition? Let us tell you the answer. The answer is with these courses at United Solutions, you’ll have a strong knowledge base of practical applications of these fields and as soon as you step out of this course you’ll be ready to work in the industry because of which you will have better chances of being hired anywhere you go.

Now, we know that millennials don’t settle just like that. So you definitely want to achieve more and more and greater heights in your career graph. Hence we understand that higher certifications are very important to and your career goals. Therefore with our Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development and Digital Marketing course, we impart knowledge and education to you in a way that you can simultaneously be ready for higher certification programs as well. Also, there’s a very important attribute attached to these certification programs. And that is the quality of the knowledge that you have, how well can you apply it and in what durations have you achieved all of it! Guess what? We have also got that covered for you at United Solutions. The Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Development and Digital Marketing course at United Solutions will prepare you for higher certification examinations in your concerned fields in the shortest time and that too with ample knowledge, cleared basics, great understanding of the concepts, optimal practical applications with the help of scholarly faculty and deep industry insights that we directly pass on to you first hand. Pass with flying colors at United Solutions, in your certification examinations, and in life.

Leverage A Dynamically Updated, Current Knowledge Base. Salesforce Training is the new black. Hence having it on a highlight on your resume depicts that you have dynamically updated and knowledge of the most trending concepts in the industry. This is the leverage that can take the candidates to a new level in their career field. With the deep insights that we offer at United Solutions, obviously, the candidates will gain through the salesforce training, they tend to optimize the implementation of the salesforce functionality. Hence one becomes effective and efficient at their jobs paving the way for more salaried benefits and a great job position in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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