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  • Lectures: 13
  • Duration: 10 weeks

This course is heavy on the development part in the salesforce administration hence will make the candidates pursuing this course eligible for qualifying the Salesforce Platform Developer I and Salesforce Platform Developer II certification examinations. Carefully designed with modules like Apex, SOQL, Visual Forces and triggering techniques in salesforce with many other important applications of salesforce development, the aspirants taking up this course will be perfectly able to enhance and manage the existing applications of salesforce development. With the superior coding lessons of this course, one will be empowered to design their own visual force page with complex business inside the controller. Also, the applications created will interact and communicate with other systems like JAVA, .Net to name a few.

Now, one might question as to why one should take training under salesforce development and what will be the benefits that this will bring to the career growth. Let’s take a look at a few parameters that will take the light with the candidate’s training in salesforce administration:

  • Gaining tremendous knowledge

    When it comes to the benefits of taking a salesforce development certification, this one tops the list. Why? For the very reason that it allows the candidates to have a painstaking analysis and understanding of the development side of the Salesforce industry that you study in-depth and gain deeper insights into this course. With increasing the level of insights that the candidates behold about sales and the customers, this course also throws light on the relationship management aspect in this course. And all of us very well know that knowledge is extremely essential when communicative skills come into question.There’s more than Salesforce Development certification brings to the table. It is that if you’re already well-versed in the Salesforce field, then this certification enables you to dwell a little deeper into it. How? The Salesforce Development certification lets the candidates know every aspect of it with scrutinized detail. The candidates are also subjected to discovering various tools that will enable them to indulge in other contemporary subtopics that form the counterparts of the main subject that the candidates are trying to qualify in. All in all, the candidate will be able to gain immense expertise in it and even develop more skills.

    At United Solutions, if the candidates opt for the Salesforce Development course, they are given case studies which are based on situational and circumstantial scenarios that happen in real life. This further helps the candidates in realizing how they should act in those situations that might take place during their serving period in their respective companies. Sounds quite interesting right? All of this is possible if you join a Salesforce Development certification at United Solutions.

  • Improves your skills and efficiency

    When the candidates obtain certification in Salesforce Development, they witness and realize how better they have become regarding planning and executing their job goals and work life. Also, because of this course, the candidates have accumulated an in-depth understanding of the platform, which ultimately results in increasing of certain speed and accuracy in their work.

    Wait! What? There’s more to it? Yes! Additionally, the candidates are efficiently enabled to handle their customers and any forthcoming requests at their work stations with maximum productivity and minimum effort. No! No! There’s no magic behind this. It happens because the candidates, without any proper acknowledgment of it happening, automatically acquire the talent to flick through tasks with practiced ease and without any hassle.

    Also, this certification will eventually result in becoming a very important tool for you in optimally improving any processes and procedures that you get involved in, be it personal and or professional or business-oriented. Because this certification is based on upcoming trends and mechanisms, the candidates will receive an improved analytic knowledge of the trends that are hot in the market and also deeply analyzed insight about them during the course of this certification.

  • Increase in your brand value

    With all the big talk about how the Salesforce industry is going to create millions of jobs, the employers will want to have the candidates with the certificate of Salesforce within their business. This revolves around the fact that this certification enhances one’s qualifications, and even adds to it. Moreover, this certification in Salesforce Development becomes the telltale of your expertise in a particular field and effectively propels you to vocalize the bigger commitments that the candidates can offer to the company they work for and the industry on a whole. And get excited for this one. It might seem like a biased decision on other’s end when you constructively ace the interview with this certification in Salesforce Administration from United Solutions in hand.

    One more interesting thing about having this certification on your resume is that it speaks of all the efforts the candidate has taken to acquire efficiency in the work he does, and the processing ability. So what happens next is that you become the center of the hiring company’s interest and are found to be duly acknowledged with comprehension of the skills. Also, it must intrigue you to know that these days employers without a lot of reconsideration have better come to realize how much value does an employee with the Salesforce certifications holds and adds to factors that bring out the potential of their business. Hence, it is not a very hard thing to believe that candidates with this Salesforce Development certification earn a good salary.

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